Lyre - yearning for quiet tenderness

Lyre is my newest artwork – a sculpture, interpretation on a musical instrument that has been known since antiquity. I think of it as a short circuit resulting from the past and the present coming into contact.

Being an artist with a vision of my own of things, I am not afraid to adopt a new and unexpected approach to ancient works in order to render a modern worldview.
And the essence and messages of the lyre are definitely worth reproducing. Because it takes us back to a significant culture in the distant past.

Dreams - a guiding light on the way to victory

There is nothing harder or more important than talking openly about reality. Not about eye- and ear-deluding trifles or special cases but about the most intimate and cherished meaning of the present and those primary pain and hope everyone experiences so acutely, but appreciates in so many ways, often from totally different viewpoints.

Presenting the Pininfarina Hyperion

The car as an artistic expression.

The Pininfarina Hyperion Project was evolved from a philosophy and desire to create of a “modern” classic looking luxury car, in the mode of the great cars of the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Truth is always late but always comes in our lives

I couldn’t fall asleep. I found myself wandering into a labyrinth of unknown feelings. When I am in Bulgaria I often experience that. Whether it is the country of many controversies or it is the fact I have been living through different states of my soul, I don’t know. All I know is that whenever I fall into such a state, I need to resolve it quickly, to get out of the labyrinth swiftly.

Dear friends,

Ever since I started painting (in 1994) I never though too highly of myself. I just put desire and love into my dreams – some of them were fulfilled, some of them, of course, were not… so far. But the path of the artist’s development turned out to be more interesting for me than the art product itself. I have met many different people, different points of view and world perceptions.

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