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Koprivshtitsa II

81 x 65 cm,  Oil on canvas

The evening is the end of the day but the beginning of the night, as well.

The time at sunset when the sun is reaching for the horizon is unforgettable. It tints everything golden yellow rendering it warm and relaxed in a way.

The evening is the time when you can sit and relax, pour yourself a glass of wine and mull over the events of the day. You can take time to enjoy life and its perseverance. There always comes an evening and it is lovely. Lovely are sunflowers turning to see off the sun until its last ray of light has faded. Lovely is the sea, old houses, people and the church. And none of it would matter if we did not have the evening come. The evening is the end of the day giving us hopes that the next day will come and will be better and will bring about an even more exciting evening. The evening is what the day is about and therefore, Mitkov’s paintings in this category are the most colourful and vibrant.

Have a beautiful evening!

The most fascinating period is from 2012 on. Mitkov highlights two particular dates in it: 21.12.2012, supposedly the end of the world, and 10.02.2013, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the Chinese New Year. According to the artist, that was the time when the mankind chose its future 2000-year cycle and the good prevailed. Always positive, always filled with a lot of energy, Mitkov turned his latest period into a life mission. It is not about just composing paintings but rather about creating and putting enormous love into canvases. The painter believes a painting can make a real difference in a man’s life.

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