Invest in your Creativity!

Invest in your Creativity!

Mitkov Academy of Art Kicks Off

Mitkov Academy of Art is a fresh fascinating proposal for you.
One of the most successful artists in Europe, Pavel Mitkov, unveils his secrets to painting mastery.
Do not mull it over but rather do things spontaneously! Let your hand be guided by intuition rather than reasoning.
See for yourself that art is something each and every one of us needs… Enter a world where everybody can deploy their potential in a way they have never imagined.
Ten online lessons will not only help you create beautiful paintings but also enjoy art meditation of a kind.
Unlock your talents and become more successful!
Be part of something that goes beyond painting!
If you want to paint with Pavel Mitkov, check up the website of the academy at

Here you will find the ten lessons that Pavel Mitkov has prepared for you:

How to paint Wet Street

How to paint Sunflowers

How to paint Poppies

How to paint Sea

How to paint Flowers

How to paint Don Quixote

How to paint Old House

How to paint Water Lilies

How to paint Spring

How to paint Winter Landscape

Posted on May 20, 2015


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